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Contract Electronic Manufacture

PCB Assembly & Electronic Manufacturing

CKE is a competent and competitive business operating in the Contract Electronics Manufacturing sector of the electronics industry.

We are specialists in the assembly of conventional and Surface Mount PCBA.


All the services provided are managed by our e-maCs Manufacturing Control System which gives full traceability with all the necessary Build Standard controls required. CKE is fully compliant with the ROHS and WEEE regulations required for Contract Electronic Manufacturing.

We can fully accommodate all customer requirements from assembly only, using free issue material, through to full procurement.

Fast Track Prototyping

CKE provides prototyping services for both PCBA & Electro-mechanical assemblies.

Over the years we have assisted many customers in bringing their products to the market place, with CKE gaining recognition for our skills & knowledge of product design, development and prototype assembly.

Using manufacturing and procurement skills, in conjunction with design and engineering support we have been able to ensure our customers products move seamlessly from Fast track prototypes through to volume production.

Prototype Services

Audio PCB Assemblies SMT / BGA PCB Assembly Wireless Tx/Rx PCB Assembly Mixed technology PCB Assembly